safety comes first
Equipment meets all requirements and standards for rope assisted tree climbing. All trees are inspected, prepared and tested prior to each climb.


how we climb
We use a climbing system called doubled rope technique (DdRT). A Rope is doubled over a branch and a friction hitch is tied to the running end of the rope. Using a foot loop you lift yourself up the rope. The friction hitch captures your progress and you reset the system essentially “inch worming” your way into the canopy.


canopy climb
Canopy climbs last 1 to 1 ½ hours. Cost is $40.00 per climber.  Participants must be at least 7 years of age. After a short demonstration climbers may climb at their leisure. Some enjoy hanging just a few feet of the ground, while others prefer to reach new heights in the upper canopy. Contact us.


private climb
Private climbs offer a more intimate climbing experience for up to 6 participants.  Private climbs start at $300.00.  The climbers will spend 2-3 hours mastering the art of ascending and descending, as well as exploring tree ecology by tracing our relationship with the ancient woody plants, identifying types of trees and their unique characteristics, and reflecting on the importance of trees in our daily lives. This is perfect for the adventurous couple or family looking for an exciting interactive activity. Contact us.


We love to work with schools and coordinate our demonstrations with lessons learned in class. Tree identification, tree biology, and mechanical advantages used in tree climbing are a few examples of curriculum we can explore.  Contact us.



group climb
For groups larger than six we offer 3-4 hour group climbs.  Group climbs start at $450.00.  These are great for boy/girl scout groups, school outings, birthday parties, team building, or summer camps. We will adapt our program to fit your needs. Contact us.


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