North Branch Tree Climbing is an outdoor adventure company specializing in recreational tree climbing. Using ropes and harnesses specifically designed for tree climbing we allow you a unique opportunity to experience nature from a different perspective.


why we climb
To appreciate nature, we need to experience nature. Too often we are “plugged in.” We can learn all about trees by performing an internet search, but we don’t really connect because we are not feeling the texture of the bark, smelling the emergent flowers, or standing under the impressive canopy. Tree climbing offers an opportunity to get outside, to push us beyond our normal limits; it inspires a deeper appreciation for the environment by participating in an activity that stimulates all our senses. At some point, everyone has climbed a tree. Reconnect with that feeling of exhilaration and excitement...come out and climb with us!

safety comes first
Equipment meets or exceeds all requirements and standards for rope assisted tree climbing. All trees are inspected, prepared, and tested prior to each climb.

how we climb
We use a climbing system called doubled rope technique (DdRT). A rope is doubled over a branch and a friction hitch is tied to the running end of the rope. Using a foot loop you lift yourself up the rope. The friction hitch captures your progress and you reset the system essentially “inch worming” your way into the canopy.